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Mar 25, 2020

Times are hard right now.  The coronavirus has officially spread around the globe, and people everywhere are adjusting their lives as a result.  The financial markets have taken a big hit.  Here are the six things I'm thinking about as an investor during this time:

1. Nothing matters in investing if you cannot remain...

Mar 18, 2020

This French oil major has been around for almost a century, and managed to compete with other industry juggernauts.  They have higher inside ownership than other majors, and have leading operations in Europe and Africa.

History of Total (Youtube playlist) 

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Mar 11, 2020

Royal Dutch Shell was formed with two companies from two different countries joined forces to keep Rockefeller's Standard Oil at bay.  It is one of the largest of the oil majors, and has a presence in over 70 countries.


Mar 4, 2020

Irreducibility is the principle of breaking things down until you can't break them down any further.  This can apply to processes or products.  Think about the processes you observe as an investor that can be improved upon or otherwise remain unmodified based on this principle.